Artsy Caturday

C’mon mom, for cwap’s sake.  Do something artsy with Kali and hurry….we’re late…again!                                                         This is Kali on the face of a Canadian Loonie.  Now, let’s get this off to Athena and Marie’s Blog so we can join the other anipals.                                                                            


16 thoughts on “Artsy Caturday

  1. kandykid

    Kali you net worth is going down, if all you are is a Loonie, I would think you were more of a Polar BearTwoonie than a Loonie Tunes Loon. For those of you not from Canada the $1 coin has a Loon on it and the $2 coin a Polar Bear. Kandy Kid (aka Dad)


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      It is rather unique. Mom took a photo of my and edited my body so there was just my head left and then googled a Canadian loonie and put my puss on it! It’s actually artsy of mom. I’m proud of her. We have a toonie up here too. That coin has a polar bear on it.

      Kitty kisses,




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