Thursday’s Happenings

Hey Shoko you’re getting braver.  You’re almost right on the Cat’s Meow.                                                                         It doesn’t seem to want to kill me Kali….even when its on.  Woohoo!!

How is little what’s her name doing Chip?  Did she speak to you yet?  No she hasn’t Shoko.  She’s come pretty close but nothing yet.  She had a huge drink of water and your mom put some sugar into the silt to make the little beaut stronger.                                                                                                                                 She’s gobbling up the mixture Miss Jean.

She absolutely loves the Oregano you dried yesterday!  Can she finish it?  *Miss Jean nods*

Thank you so much Miss Jean she is no longer upset but she is very tired.  Rather sweet too.   I’m going to tuck her in.

DSCN4182[1]She is sound asleep.  Thank goodness.  She was up all night last night.  She couldn’t settle.

Shoko disappeared….where did she go?                                                                MOL  Looks Like Shoko’s been into the Oregano too.

Kali is orange

Chip is grey

Shoko is black                                                                                  

13 thoughts on “Thursday’s Happenings

  1. onespoiledcat

    My goodness……oregano??? Shoko! HAHAHA Well, looks like the rocks are having a blast too…………I may have to tell Mom about this oregano thing as she adds a LOT to her spaghetti sauce.

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Funny, I never noticed it Lexi. I don’t know if I had relatives in Barkerville. Mom did but me? I really don’t know how to check? I haven’t tasted the oregano and don’t plan on it Lexi……I have to watch the nip…..I don’t need anymore stuff.
      Be good Lexi.




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