Finally Barkerville stood on the horizon.  We all leaped out of the car after a long drive drive.  It took two and a half hours to get here.  We all headed for the bathroom.  Much better.  So let’s see some sights.  My word, its cold as charity up here in the mountains.  Let’s go Meiko, Pete, Timmy and Buddy Budd….let’s run and warm up.

Our first stop was the church on the edge of the town.

                                                         Einstein and Flat Shoko sat on the piano and imagined the gold miners and their wives coming to church so many years ago.

Two horses pull the carriage through the main street.  Notice the wet roads.  They’re about to get much wetter.  It just started hailing when we arrived.

Timmy and Buddy Budd just had to run onto the carriage.  They said it kinda smelled funny.

It started hailing again and we ran for cover.                                                          Mom and dad decided it was lunch time so Einstein and I followed mom and dad inside the restaurant.  Meiko, Pete, Buddy Budd and Timmy went looking for Bashful and Chip because we hadn’t seen them for quite some time now.                                                          I loved the Jasmine Tea mom shared with me.  It warmed me up inside.

Einstein had some of dad’s Chinese food but he said it was horrible.  He liked more meat…..this stuff was all noodley.

The hail stopped while we ate so we braved the elements again.  The guys had found Bashful and Chip looking calm as can be beside the towns communal water spout.

DSCN4056Do you notice that Bashful is standing on the top of his stone.  What happened to make him do a stone stand?  Nobody was saying much of anything.

This is a family home in the 1800’s.

                                                                                  The miners that lived by the creek would check into a boarding house when they needed a real good night’s sleep and a bath.  Only $10 a night.

The saloons did an awesome business with all the money and nowhere but Barkerville to spend it.

Hurdy Gurdy Girls

Although the Barkerville saloons already had women entertainers, much excitement was caused in the summer of l865 when there arrived from San Francisco an organized group of dancing partners, complete with musicians.

Hurdy Gurdy Girls

The girls danced with the miners for a dollar a dance to the rhythms made by two fiddlers who reportedly sang loud so the music could be heard above the noise of the stomping feet.

Starved of women’s company and faced with the troupe’s determination to deal in nothing but dance steps, the men developed a style of dancing that both surprised and exhausted their partners.

The main point of this step, as described by those who were there, was for the man to lift his partner repeatedly as high as he could off the floor, at the same time swinging her feet aloft.

Here we are in the Hotel that featured the Hurdy Gurdy Girls daily.


Bashful and Chip grabbed a comfortable spot on the shelf to watch the action.

It was hailing again so we all thought it was time to leave.  The Barkerville peeps were inside and away from the cold, hail and mud.

We all piled in the car and dad put the heat on.  We all said. “Awwww” in unison and started out of Barkerville.  I told mom that we hadn’t seen the gold fields or panned for gold.  Mom said it was too miserable and nobody would help us anyway.  The flats would just have to take our word for it.

As we left Barkervile we passed beside Williams Creek….the river that started the gold fever.                                                                         Bye Cariboo…heellllo Prince George area.

We must be getting close….the old mooses sign is back out again.

Here we are.  It didn’t seem to take as long getting home.

We hope you enjoyed coming on our tour of Barkerville.  The weather could have been better but we flats and rocks had a great time.

Mom, Meiko and my furs are stinking up…MOL….sorry I meant our furs are sticking up…right Meiko?  There are bent ears all around too.  Ok, we’ll get them fixed with this special stuff dad gave us Shoko.  There we go every cat looks just about as good as new.  We are tired mom so we’ll call it a nite.  Nite all my flats and rocks.  Anybody need a story to fall asleep?  Not tonight mom…I’m asleep on my paws.

29 thoughts on “Barkerville

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Hi Cupcake,

      We had to leave a lot of pictures out or mom would still be telling everyone what happened. It was a fun day for mom and dad and the flats. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want to go. I’m afraid of horses….like mom and I hate hail. Don’t get me started on the car….its a terribly noisy device. Better them than me. MOL



  1. onespoiledcat

    My goodness what a grand time you all had in Barkerville! Looks like a scene out of an old cowboy movie…….super duper interesting too learning about the miners and the “good time girls” (tee hee) and the dancing, etc. Hail is certainly a sign that winter is sneaking up on you – good thing you got home without dents in your car or in your heads!

    Love, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      With the stagecoach type of carriage going up the main road, mom says it felt like an old time movie. The scene just needed guys to come out and shoot at each other, to make it more like a movie. Mom was lucky she didn’t get more dents in her head. The flats just had lifting fur….that was enough. MOL




  2. PigLove

    Squeals! What a time to visit – did you see any ghosts? Maybe that was why Bashful was doing a stone stand? Snorts with piggy laughter. What a great tour – I felt like I was there with you my friends – awesome! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Deziz World

    Dat looks like lots of fun. Well everyfin’ ‘cept da hail. OMC Weez didn’t know y’all got hail. It looks like winter time there. But yous house is gawjus Shoko. Have fun.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      The visit to Barkerville was chilly. We ran up and down the street to keep warm. A good game of, “MOL…Catch Me If You Can.” Mom told us it was colder there cause we were right in the mountains. We didn’t realize she meant hail type cold.
      Thanks Dezi, we just got a new roof and it looks like all the racket was worth it.



      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Yes, there is tons of history about Barkerville, Sheryl. The people alone were real characters. Imagine the doctor having to cut boots off a gold panner cause the boots had actually stuck to his feet! Many stories up there.



  5. Pawcific Purrsea

    You were pawsome tour guides…thank you for sharing. Did you pan for gold? That’s what human mom remembers the most from when she was there back in the early 70s. Muddy is about how she’d describe it was then too….mol =^,,^=



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