The Road To Barkerville

Last week mom and dad decided to take all our flat visitors and the pet rocks to Barkerville.  You’re wondering what this Barkerville town is?  Well, in 1862 Billy Barker discovered gold on Williams Creek and triggered a stampede of thousands to the Cariboo.  Over the next eight years Barkerville thrived.  It was the biggest town north of San Francisco.  When the gold faded away so did the town.  Barkerville is now a thriving tourist destination.

So we all piled in the car. King Meiko, Pete, Timmy, Buddy Budd, Einstein , me (Foko) and the pet rocks…Bashful and Chip.  Oh right….mom and dad too. MOL  We travelled like 87,000 miles.  OK it was more like 170 miles.  We didn’t waste any time but it was a looooong trip.

DSCN4027EEEk……avalanches!….the flats were scared.   Not to worry,  there’s no snow guys.

The road next to this tranquil stream was called the Cariboo Wagon Road before it was smoothed out and widened.  It was also referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

Mom was attempting to show the devastation  the Pine Beetle has done to all the mature pine trees.  All the mature pine trees are dead and are just sticks now.  For some reason, the young and tender pine trees have been left alone.  One perk to this mess is the wood left by the pine beetle….it is beautifully coloured.

Barkerville is just up ahead….ignore the sign distance.

Next post we will enter the town of Barkerville.


19 thoughts on “The Road To Barkerville

  1. Cupcake

    I just want to say, as a doggie, I LOVE the name of Barkerville and I wish I lived there. I think I could bark to my heart’s content in that place. Look out Barkerville mailmen!

    Love and licks,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fozziemum

    Sounds and looks wonderful sweetie..dang beetles…we had one that was bad for sugar cane..some genius bought in the cane toad to kill they are a bigger pest..i think the flat guests are not worried about avalanches as they are pretty well flat already 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


  3. Deziz World

    Meeeow Shoko dat sounds weally innewestin’. Dat’s weally pawful ’bout da beetles tho’. Weez nnot like any bugs so weez sure glad weez not have ’em here. Can’t wait fur da next stowry. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    We never saw the beetles…they burrow deep in the trees. All over Prince George there were dead pines and they should be taken out quickly or the beetles spread to the other pines after sucking up all the goodness in one. True to form….this application had to be debated at city hall and then bids had to be taken…deciding which bid to go with….you get the idea. Meanwhile most of the pines around town were dead and had to be removed. The city had a beautiful corner of the highway all in pines….it was so much like the deep forest and of course all the pines had to be removed. The city looked naked for a long time and I guess I got used to it.



    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      It did look very fishable. We hopped out to goto the litter box there and had a hard time getting the guys back aboard. MOL…the point was the speed limit was in kilometers instead of miles. I know….big deal…I felt that way but mom insisted.



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