Shopping Around The World

Here it is time for Shopping Around The World brought to you  by Piglove and Fozziemum.

Shopping Around the World

Shopping Around the World



The challenge this month was to price 5 different items in 2 grocery stores and then make some dish with these items.  So here goes my friends:

These are the items:

Superstore                                        Save On

new potatoes                             $ 0.98 Lb.                                     no new potatoes

large eggs                                    $2.47 doz                                    $2.99 doz

celery                                            $1.77                                           $0.89

green onions                                $0.77                                          $0.99

Hellman’s Mayo                           $3.89  750 ml.                           $4.49 750 ml

I made Potato salad for two.  Romantic eh?

Boil 6 of the new potatoes.  Cool them down as they will be too hot to handle.Cut up  potatoes in wedges small enough to get in your mouth.  These are the size of new potatoes dug up in mid July around here.  Chop about 1 stalk of celery into potatoes.  Slice thinly or you’ll choke on them.    While you are busy chopping, turn on the stove with your third arm, bring an egg to the boil…..the egg is still wearing its shell.  We’ll undress it later. Meanwhile with this third arm slice some green onions so they look pretty in the mixture.   Once the egg has just come to the boil, turn off the stove and let the egg sit….stewing in it’s own water for 20 minutes.  You should have finished chopping by now, if you haven’t, you’ll just have to grow a fourth arm as when the 20 minutes are up, plunge the egg into ice cold water.  We’re going to try and shock him out of his shell.  If, he’s still in his shell when the egg cools, you’ll have to manually pull his shell off.  He won’t scream so all should be quiet.  The sooner you pull the shell off the easier it is suppose to be both for the egg and you….that’s what, “The Science of Cooking” says anywho.  Now the egg is free.  Now that he is free lets slowly cut him up.  Do I have you feeling sorry for the egg?  Good.  You should feel some compassion as you dive into your salad.  Lastly. add your mayo.  Add whatever amount is tasty to you.  Voila…your potato salad.

The potato salad probably costs about$1…depending on the poundage of mayo you use.  I have many herbs that I will add so that the basic potato salad recipe tastes delish and different each time.

If you want more in your potato salad….try different items such as grated cheese, bacon, (sorry Bacon…this is turkey bacon…ya right)pickles, olives, garlic…..anything you can dream up that would go nicely.



19 thoughts on “Shopping Around The World

  1. PigLove

    Licks piggy lips. We love – absolutely LOVE – potato salad here. Sadly though, mom doesn’t have that many arms and has never tried making it on her own. I’m printing this for her. I’ll hang it on the fridge as a gentle hint. Awesome recipe and thanks my sweet friend. Can’t wait to try it! XOXO – Bacon


  2. onespoiledcat

    YUMMERS on the potato salad…..Mom often uses her third arm for cooking so it’s good to know it comes in handy for this recipe. We are BIG on potato salad around here. Mom puts 87 lbs. of sweet pickles in hers because her Mom did…..not sure that’s the best reason to do it, but that’s her story and she’s sticking with it!

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. The Canadian Cats Post author

    So happy your mom gets to use her third arm…she must use it or it gets a life of its own…”blame it on the third arm!” Mom and dad are having pot salad with hamburgers tonight. Mom gave some raw hamburger to each of us. Kali gobbled it up. I took one sniff and walked away. In 10 minutes Kali threw up the hamburger. Mom is very disillusioned. She was thinking maybe a raw diet for us might give Kali a bit of zip.



    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      I can understand Easy not being a fan. Neither am I…so mom and dad can fill their boots with potato salad…I’ll hold my boots open for BEEF. Bet Easy feels the same.



  4. angelswhisper2011

    I’ll hold this for Granny, she loves everything with celery 🙂 Enormous differences between the two shops…I saw cheap purrices and expensive purrices, but no normal purrices…meaning normal for the purse 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤


  5. Cathy Keisha

    That was by far the most entertaining recipe I’ve ever read. TW loves potato and egg salad but no celery please. She spends $2.99 buying it already made. When she does make it, she uses Miracle Whip rather than plain mayo. She should try it your way.



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