Caturday’s Artsy Fartsy Day

Here it is another weekend and I have been 7 for almost a whole week.  You know, it’s not a kick in the head different than being 6! Oh, granted I get the odd, “Shoko you’re 7 now, don’t be so silly.”  I got the same thing when I was 6 so things are pretty much the same.

It’s Caturday Artsy Fartsy Day so we decided to celebrate witches all over the world.  Just click on Athena and Marie’s Caturday Artsy blog hop and you’ll be swept onto my broom and deposited at Athena’s blog without a hair out of place.

Witch Shoko

Witch Shoko

What mom did for this odd effect was put a witch hat on me and glasses from PicMonkey and then over to Pizap to zoom in on me and  my little bed in the drawer.  She also put two overlays across me.  They were Scrappy and Iridescent.  Voila! Me!                                                                  Athena Caturday Art Blog                                                       


26 thoughts on “Caturday’s Artsy Fartsy Day

  1. easyweimaraner

    o you have magic in your eyes with that glasses… you can enter Hogwarts now… and I hope once they will make a real movie about a wizard student with cats and dogs…. you would be a pawfect Hermione 🙂


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      A magic movie with cats and dogs would be wonderful. You could be Easy the Enchanter and I could be Shoko the Sorcerer. Together we could make peeps do whatever we want….even conjure up a can opener that can be used by paws. Ya, I like this.




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