Artsy Fartsy Kali Kit

Shoko was too tired after helping mom plant to even discuss the Caturday Art Post.  OK with me Shoko.  It’s all me.

Mom used Pizap borders for this effect.  I like it.  Now just you teleport yourself to Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art
and take a peek at all the gorgeous anipals that are showing you their own Artsy Caturday.
Artsy Kali
Athena Caturday Art Blog

34 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy Kali Kit

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Cannes! Where all the famous peeps go to see extra special films. Yeah, I like that. I’m not familiar with this Azure blue coyote though. Must be a French thing. Have a great weekend Easy.

      Kitty kisses,


  1. Peaches and Paprika

    We looked at this first and found the straw hat and sun glasses against the art background deliciously irresistible. Fabulous job!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Thank you my friends. Grab a bit of nip tea while you’re here visiting. I must pop over and visit you two. Mom is so into gardening right now. We have about 4 months of warm weather so she’s hustling her butt to finish planting the seeds and transplants. It’s a lot of work but Shoko is digging in and helping her.


  2. angelswhisper2011

    You look gorgeous with the hat, Kali. Very aristocartsy 😀
    Thanks for coming to my Pawty, Shoko and Kali. It made my birthday just a little bit more special 🙂 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


  3. Buddy Budd

    Kali dat iz sum great photoz of ya. You real gud lookin so ya eva wanta big blue fella hav da Shoko tell Einsteiner
    Yer Buddy Einsteiners Brudder
    Buddy Budd


  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Oh my…Kali is blushing! She has a secret crush On Buddy anyhow. She would love to meet him. You sure woke her up. She’s busy cleaning her paws now. MOL What a sis!




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