Nekked I Say!! Not a stitch of Christmas Will Remain

We’ve decided mom needs help or we’ll have Christmas stuff up in the middle of July. Kali is a great help, telling mom which box holds kitchen goods and which boxes have the advent calendars….one might even say she is a bossy white ghostie

I survey the mess mom has created

I survey the mess mom has created

Yuck! Where to begin? Shoko paw those ornaments this way. Mom has put them in a mandarin orange box for easy sliding. We need a completely empty box.

Paw the box this way Shoks

One box coming up Kali.

Put the before Christmas stuff in this box….advent calendars, Christmas cards…those type of things.

Completely empty box alert! Put most of the decorations in this box and make sure the breakable ones are wrapped in soft paper.

Whoa, I gotta sit for awhile….this is hard work.

C’mon Shoko, you don’t have to play with each ornament before you put it in the box. Just throw it in and we’ll see it later in the year.

This is getting much better. It’s starting to look nekked in here. We’ve gone from Christmasy to not Christmasy at all.

Our work is done Shoko..let’s grab a few treats…oh my freeze dried chicky boobies! These are so good…*nom* *nom*

18 thoughts on “Nekked I Say!! Not a stitch of Christmas Will Remain

  1. paws4moment

    That’s why I don’t decorate for Christmas. My decorations would be up 365 days of the year, lol. I have a winter wreath that stays up year round, even when it’s +30 c outside it says “Let It Snow”.


  2. DezizWorld

    OMC Dat’s a lot of Christmas stuffs fur sure. But ow favowit pawt is tweat time. And da chicken boobies awe ow favowits too. MOL Weez just never called ’em dat afur. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  3. The Canadian Cats Post author

    It was a fair bit of work Dezi but it was worth it for the freeze dried chicky boobs….call them whatever you want, as long as your mom understands what treat you want….hehe



  4. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Has he got a thing for the dangly snowman? You don’t know chicky boobies Crepes? You gotta be kiddin’ me my friend. You never saw a sweet young bird with big boobs? Those boobies …are delish whebn freeze dried.




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