Shopping Around the World

This is the Shopping Around the World started by Bacon of Piglove and Fozziemum. Click on the names and you will be transported to their sites.

All my price shopping was done at The Real Canadian Superstore.

Our first item to price was soup.

One of my favourites is Chunky Chicken Vegetable soup by Campbells. The 540 ml tin was on sale at $2.00


There are no more Christmas Trees…at least live ones. The artificial kind are from 30 to 50% off now!

We don’t use cold medicine as it would throw off the delicate balance of the meds I’m taking now….so I suffer. However, if I could take cold meds I’d try this Cold FX…it costs $24.47 for 60 pills. I don’t know anyone that takes it though. Guess they’re too thrifty for this med.

cold FX

For our hot drink, we chose the Carnation Variety Pack. This pack consists of 7 packages of 28 grams assorted hot chocolate drinks….like Coffee Crisp and After Eight dinner mints. Costing $3.99. I was just going to price it but the packages looked so good….I bought it.

Carnation Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

My random item is laundry detergent. This item always goes up in the new year so I buy one, if I need it or not.
A 1.47 litre bottle of liquid Gain is $6.27.


17 thoughts on “Shopping Around the World

  1. PigLove

    oh squeals! Thanks so much for participating in Shopping Around the World my friends. I ❤ seeing the different prices and items from all over. That variety box of chocolate looks amazing – like something my mommy would LOVE! So neat! XOXO – Bacon


  2. easyweimaraner

    wow 30-50% off for trees? not bad. here they removed the trees without selling them for lower prices…probably they all are related with Ebenezer Scrooge :o) My momma is the only one who has to suffer to, she is totally allergic to aspirin and nearly all cold-meds. Currently she is a walking germ and I sleep in my daddys bed :o) Have a great 2015!


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Some of these artificial trees look weird too…they look like mom played with them and then stuck them back. Yuck! Colds can be miserable when you can’t take anything for them.
      Best stay in dad’s bed till the coughing and wheezing passes.

      Here’s to lots of fun and frolic In 2015.

      Did you see Penelope’s picture of us dancing….looks like you’re doing disco and I look like my dress is going to fall off…eeekkk…..hehehe




  3. DezizWorld

    MOL Mommy likes chocolate too. Weez can’t believ laundwy detergent goes up in da new year. guess mommy never paid tention afur. She just uses da cheap stuffs.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi



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