The Day After….

What a Christmas….may the heaven’s have mercy. I overindulged a tad yesterday..*burp*…s’cuse me my friends. I have had a wee bit more turkey this afternoon, it is delicious!

Well, I got my pink snowmobile and I’m so happy…I’ve visited it several times since yesterday. It is beautiful. I also got a pink helmet from mom and dad. So I won’t have scrambled brains if I fall off.

snowmobile and bow

The tree was so beautiful with the presents underneath.

Did you notice there are hardly any ornaments on the right side of the tree….?….we’ll talk about that later.

Kali got me a yeowy banana….I’ve wanted one since I heard Wally in Cat Scouts talking about his.

I got Kali some little things…like a few wee sacks with nip in them and a nip caterpillar. That way she can grab them with her 4 teeth.

Dad gave us each a snake. Kali has dibs on the fuzzy one…she says it makes her nose itchy and she likes that.

Mom got me a small catnip mouse…well 3 of them…I lose them pretty quick. If, they looked under the fridge….there would be a bonanza of mice! Mom got Kali a wee stuffed bone….of course it is stuffed with nip.

Christmas morning found a mess in our living room but for a change mom wasn’t making a big fuss.

Kali and I gave mom and dad each a t-shirt.

Mom’s is the red one.

Some kitty decided to undress the tree last night. I’m just sayin’ some kitty…not pointing a paw.

27 thoughts on “The Day After….

    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      hehehe…mom and dad really liked them too…They are t-shirt and jeans peeps. The snakes are great and Kali loves her caterpillar. We’re all so tired again tonight. My goodness…we lost all our zip.



  1. onespoiledcat

    What a bunch of FUN presents for your Mom and Dad AND for you girls!!!!! I guess whoever is undecorating figures it’s time to take that tree out of there now that it’s not guarding presents any longer right? So happy you had a good Christmas… pays off to be GOOD (mostly) doesn’t it??????

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats

      He’s your hero? Dad really likes him…hehehe Think he’s dad’s hero too. I gather at Chanukah you get a present each day….is this correct? That would be cool too. The whole ceremony of Chanukah is interesting to mom.



      1. easyweimaraner

        what wait… a present efurry day? Why my mom hasn’t told me that? (ok, we both know why lol) I have no clue, butt if that’s true and my mom said we will celebrate hanukkah to honor our jewish friends, she has to bring me a gift efurryday… think that makes 87 gift from hanukkah till today, right?


  2. DezizWorld

    OMC Shoko, hoo wulda dun dat? MOL So glad yous got a nip nana, yous gunna luv it, and Kali got a yeowww too. She’s gunna luv hers too. Yous all got such gweat gifts. Weez so glad yous had a gweat Christmas.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi



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