Crisp Mouse Eve Day is finally here

It’s Crisp Mouse Eve day and most of the snow is going….the temperature has warmed up. Ok fine…maybe mom,Kali and I can go for a walk in the Lane…mom tried yesterday but the wood on the fence was swollen shut.

I just have a bit of wrapping left to do…I got mom something she’s been asking Santa to deliver. I’ll show you tomorrow after she opens her giftee. Mom has most of her wrapping to do and make the stuffing for the turkey. She makes it the day before so there is not too much to do on Crisp Mouse Day.

On our Advent calendar it is the last day before Crisp Mouse so there is a star for the top of the tree. This star reminds me just how much these anipals and there blogs mean to Kali and me. To us you are all stars in your own right and good friends.

A star is what you are to us

A star is what you are to us

This is also the last day of The Twelve Days of Crisp Mouse Cats. The twelfth day of Crisp Mouse finds our friend scratching his head,(no, I don’t think he has fleas) and wondering what went wrong. The cats seemed like such a good idea at the time.

cats in sink

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my friend gave to me twelve dapper dancers
Eleven panthers prancing
Ten leopards lounging
Nine lovely lynxes
Eight marvelous manxes
Seven Siamese singing
Six Persians playing
Five golden kings
Four calico cats
Three friendly felines
Two tawny tabbies
and a cat in a Fir Tree.

We now have 78 cats here and with Kali and I, 80. Time to go home. I am tying a can of stinky goodness in a bag around your necks as our Crisp Mouse gift. For the wild cats there are dried chicky breast treats tied around your necks. Now go….live long and prosper…somewhere else! Peace and quiet at long last. I tell you when 80 cats play THOE (thundering herd of elephants), pictures shake, dishes rattle and glasses tinkle… cwap!…it is scary my friends.

We won the teaser on One Spoiled Cat so received a first right guesser badge.

us…first..about time!

Please have a great Crisp Mouse my friends and may the love and warmth be all around this Crisp Mouse season.

Shoko and snowman

9 thoughts on “Crisp Mouse Eve Day is finally here

  1. onespoiledcat

    Yes here we are on the Eve of the visit of the Fat Guy in the Red Suit! I’m ready – are you? I hope he brings you lots of fun things Shoko and Kali….I know you’ve been super good and I put a good word in for you when we visited the North Pole. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day………………

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      You put a good word in for us Sammy? Wowee!! Shoko is sure to get her pink snowmobile and I will probably get my wee bone filled with catnip. Thanks so much Sammy. Have a great day and lots of fun on the special day…sleep and eat…my main activities for Crisp Mouse day.



  2. dezizworld

    Oh How cute Shoko. Me can’t believ yous and Kali be out there walkin’ wound in da snow. We can’t wait to see what yous got yous mommy. Weez sure she’s gunna luv it. Merry Christmas. Fanks fur bein’ ow furiends. Yous weally awe special to us. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi



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