Shopping Around The World

Once again its time to compare prices around the world. I like doing this one and seeing what other places pay. Piglove is doing this comparison. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to link this back to you…so sorry pal. My pal Back on(French accent here) is such a cool friend.

Here goes friends. Once again all items were bought at the Canadian Superstore;

Water…24 to a package…$3.95 No Name brand 50 ml bottles.

Bath Soap…4 bars…$3.95…..Dove…..on sale

Deodorant…$3.99…normal size

Laundry Detergent….Arm & Hammer Cold Water…2.6 litres(almost a quart)..$6.49

Random Item ….Bush's beans….tin….$1.25….on sale

There we go, another shopping spree.

8 thoughts on “Shopping Around The World

  1. PigLove

    Awesome my friends. ❤ back to you. Thanks so much for pawticipating. Isn't it so cool to see the different prices from around the world? Mom is totally blown away by the price of deodorant. What a money making NEED. Snorts – XOXO – Bacon


  2. dezizworld

    Weez luv shoppin’ wound da world, but weez haven’ shopped all munff. Mommy’s gunna check da ads in a bit and twy to help me get out a posty fur it. Luv yous purrices, weez not suwe what ours awe. MOL

    Luv ya’



  3. The Canadian Cats Post author

    Dezi, I forget who but somebody could get water for $3 and ours was $3.95. We don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Mom likes the Brita filter jug and no plastic bottles.




  4. Marty the Manx

    We buy all the same products 🙂 Our prices are almost the same too. Sorry I didn’t join in, I was to busy helping the boys with their TCC Riverboat/Bayou trip. I will join in next month!
    Marty’s Mom



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