Like…like…the End of the World!

There are several forest fires burning in British Columbia because of the lack of rain and terribly dry conditions. The smell of burning wood has permeated our house. This morning was spooky. The sun did not rise this morning at 5am as usual. Instead there was an eerie yellow glow in the sky. There was no sound from any animal… birds, no squirrels…….there was silence. It was like….like the end of the world.

10am July 17/14

8:55am Friday July 18/14

My veggie garden at 8:55am

Veggie Garden

I tried to tell mom there was something wrong by singing the song of our ancestors. She didn’t get it….finally she shut the window and the burning smell eased up and I slept. That is what I was trying to tell her.

You will see perfectly rounded dots on the pictures. I was told this was dirt on the glass….perfectly rounded? I could tell you it was ash but that would be pulling your paw. Fact is I don’t know.

JUly 18th 4:32pm
I never saw Chuck the crow until later in the afternoon after the wind got up and blew the smell away and the rain set in.

11 thoughts on “Like…like…the End of the World!

  1. fozziemum

    Oh guys…we hope soon you get some rain..we live with bushfires every year..and it is so frightening…just make sure you all have a good fire plan..on our bloggie somewhere there are some tips..we have been evacuated once before when Black Saturday happened…very scary and the day turned to stay safe and we send hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Thanks Fozziemum. It sure was scary and I stuck pretty close to home. No sounds of wildlife is what scared me. It has rained all night and the crows are back but only one or two. The sun is trying to shine. I’ll talk mom into taking us for a walk later and we all will start to feel better.

      Big hugs Shoko


      1. fozziemum

        I agree…when Black Saturday animals no birds no was creepy..ash falling everywhere burnt bark stuck on one of the sheep! it was horrid.the the streetlights came on in the middle of the day it was so dark..i actually fried an egg on the patio..never forget and will never be complacent…I hope you feel better soon and that summer brings some rains..without the lightning! hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


      2. The Canadian Cats Post author

        The sun is shining now Fozziemum but you are so right…..the whole episode was creepy. Sounds like you had it way worse than we did as the fire was not in sight. We live in a valley so unless it was right in the valley or approaching it, we wouldn’t see it. we probably wouldn’t see it. I hope I never see it again. That’s all I can say. Today it rained all day…ya!….tomorrow there is suppose to be thunder and lightning…I can do without the lightning. Thanks for your concern Fozziemum, it makes me feel warm inside.

        Hugs and more hugs (((Shoko)))


  2. onespoiledcat

    Scary when there are fires all over the place – I see Fozziemum has told you they have that problem too in Australia….please be careful and ready to leave if you have to should the fires come close…..The last photo with the garden and your yard is BEAUTIFUL! Love the flowers and veggies – everything looks so nice!

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Mom says she has never seen the skies blackened out due to forest fires and she is as old as dirt! It was scary but the fires are a long way off still. So we are not in harm’s way at all. Thanks Sammy.



  3. dezizworld

    OMC Dat musta been scawwy fur yous Shoko. Glad yous got wain tu help wiff da smoke. 🙂 Mommy luvs da gween house. Hers been wantin’ one but they be tu spensiv. But it be da only way hers kuld grow any veggies cuz it wuld keep da wabbits and birds and deer out.

    Luv ya’




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