Cat Scouts Sock Hop

I know…you’ve heard enough about the Sock Hop. Well, you haven’t heard about it from me. We all worked hard to get ready for the Hop. We groomed ourselves until not a hair on our fur was out of place. I, for one, even brushed my teeth. Then the perfect finishing touch. I took a few catnip leaves and rubbed them on my paws and neck. Tea stopped by in his convertible for me after he had picked up a few of the guys in the ThunderCats.

convertible for the Sock Hop

convertible for the Sock Hop

We met the other scouts that came to the hop at the Ice Cream Shop. We were all so nervous

ice cream shop

ThunderCats at ice cream shop


When everyone arrived and we had some burgers and fries we all headed for the gymnasium and some friendly chatter. Oliver H and Tea had a heated discussion about the value of Greenpeace and their Anti Whaling Program.

Oliver and Tea just hanging out.

Oliver H and Tea hanging out.


The world famous Rock Cats played the 50’s music, They were so smooth and “far out”, it was unbelievable.

Rock cats

Rock cats

There was a secret guest and guess who it was?



Then it was time for the Dance Contest. Man all the dancers were soooo groovy. Dezi and Andy floored me with some of their moves….these two must have practiced for hours!

Andy and Dezi

Andy and Dezi

Raz and Sundae

Raz and Sundae

Raz and Sundae should have split in two after some daring moves.

Then it was Tea and my turn…ahhh…I thought everybody would laugh at me!

Shoko and Tea in the Dance Contest

Shoko and Tea in the Dance contest

The winner was….a four way tie…Dezi and Andy, Sammy and Sundae, Sampson and Astrid and Shoko and Tea. Whoooohooo we won. Such stiff competition too. Most of all we had a ball.

winners cup

winners cup

We all joined in dancing and the hop was over.

end of dance

end of dance

Tea and I headed over to Moondoggies for a shake with Dezi and Andy and Sammy and Sundae.

ThunderCats relaxing after the Dance Contest

ThunderCats relaxing

What a night!

Night All

Nighty Night All

I shall have many pleasant dreams.

13 thoughts on “Cat Scouts Sock Hop

  1. onespoiledcat

    It was a night to remember that’s for sure! Glad you and the other Thundercats had a good time……it would NOT have been the same without you……….woo hoo!

    Hugs, Sammy



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